Saturday, June 09, 2007

The JHU and eviction of Tamils from Colombo

One of the first things that i noted in JHU's proposals to the APRC was the following 'concern' of the party for which they have given prominence in the very first page of their proposals about the number of Tamils living in Colombo:

"Since 1983 Tamils have been migrating from the so called ‘Tamil homeland’ to regions where the Sinhala people form the vast majority. In fact, Tamil migration has significantly changed the demography in these areas. Today, Tamils constitute the majority community in the most important Divisional Secretariat Division in the country, namely, Colombo"

I am not suggesting that the JHU had a direct role in what happened on the 7th of June and earlier in Pettah. But i am wondering the sort of influence that the JHU has on the police establishment and the armed forces. Its not my attempt here to make an assessment about how much of a political impact and reach the party has. But my suspicion is that a good number of people within the top hierarchy of the police establishment while holding similar views that the JHU holds on the ethnic conflict and towards minorities in general, might have indirect contact with the party. The fact that a former DIG is a central committee member of the JHU is one indicator. (who is now an advisor to the ministry of defence as well). I was also shocked to find a photograph of a Senior DIG receiving an award at the recently held JHU National Convention on JHU's a couple of weeks back. God save this country!!


Just Mal said...

Oh hello snake - so we meet again. Has my friend Hansa given you that thrashing yet? If not, I will personally see to it that you get your due next summer when I come down there.

I agree with JHU that the increase of Tamils in Colombo is most certainly a bigassian dinosaurian problem. I mean you buggers don't allow any of us Sinhalese to live in the North, so why should we let you stay here in Colombo? I heard you make jaffna curry out of Sinhalese babies and pickle their testes. Rights are a two way process snake boy.

Jack Point said...

JHU has little influence on policy.

The people who matter are the brothers Rajapakse and they take all decisions, no one else.

MP's (including UNP crossovers) are expected to vote the party line, in return for which they get money/benefits. Anyone who questions the King is hounded out - like Mangy, Sripathi, et al.

Anonymous said...

We sinhalese must stand up and save this once-so-pure country from this brutal dictatorship. Our children are losing their future with every passing day! The tamils can go to india, canada, geneva, london..., the muslims can go to the middle-east and far-east, the burgher people can go to Australi like most already have, but we sinhalese have no place to go and no one will take us anyways. After all is said and done the "brothers" will return to America and the JHU will crawl back to their caves, while the average sinhalese will rot in paradise!

Anonymous said...

Dear Guru,

you are perfectly correct, but you must think about this democraZy country. this failed state doesnt have any law an order or freedom of expression.
Write with courage, but carefully.
Future waiting for youngsters.


rightStudent said...

As I see it, no matter who influenced the police to do so, all what happened was for the betterment of the security ot the city. Only the people staying in Colombo without a proper and valid reasons were asked to leave, or rather..compelled to leave. So what?? When you consider the safety & well-being of the the people living in Colombo, it is a MUST to take such stern actions, and outsiders of the city should be able to tolerate it, as well.

The JHU might have some / big influence on this, but yet.. this time it was for the betterment of the residents of Colombo, including me.

Jack Point said...


the question is, will it actually make the city safer?

I don't necessarily think so.

To begin with if the police had any real suspicion they would have taken them into custody, teh fact that they simply deported them shows they had no reason to hold them.

The LTTE sleepers are probably more well concealed and may be hanging around in more highy paid accomodation. In future you can bet that this is what the LTTE will do and what with teh state of the tourism industry, hotels may end up being pretty cheap after all,,

rightStudent said...

jack point,

Well, what I feel is that when Tamils from the Northern parts of the country stay in Colombo without valid reasons, it is reasonable for the police to suspect them. Here I'm not trying to say that all the Tamils assist LTTE and we should suspect even innocent Tamils all the time..What I want to stress here is that in today's situation in Colombo and based on the past experiences, there is high possibility for the police to suspect them very often, and yet in order not to turn the situation worse by taking all of them into custody [ for there was / might be not enough evidence to have high suspicion ] they were sent back to their hometowns.

And, as you said, actual terrorists and people helping LTTE must be staying in highly paid accomodations, but remember this incident has sent a STRONG messsage even to them.

So, it creates some safety in the city...and those little ways really help and pave the way for the safety of the city.

Anonymous said...

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