Saturday, December 01, 2007

Stonic silence over arrest of Tamils

The English print media today (Sunday, Dec 02) maintained a disgusting silence over the arrest of more than 800 Tamils, with the exception of the Nation which carries the story as its main headline. Neither the Sunday Times or the Island had no space to carry the item. Lakbima refers only to the operation and how it was executed (referring it to as a 'combing out operation') and does not talk of the plight of those arrested and that of the parents. The Tamil papers carry them as headlines. The website has a detailed piece on the incident including the parents of the arrested attempt at staging a protest march to Temple Trees and UNP MP Maheswaran's and Dy Minister Radhakrishnan's futile attempt at trying to get an appointment with the President. Mano Ganeshan also has come out with a strong statement and has called Tamil MPs irrespective of whether they are in the Govt or the opposition and irrespective of the fact that it will be passed despite their vote, to vote against extending Emergency Regulations when it comes up for extension next time. This he has urged will send a strong message to the current administration. Puthinam also noted that most Tamils who were arrested hail from the Upcountry Tamil community.

My disgust with the English media continues to grow. Why this silence? Was it because it was not an important enough issue that was worth carrying in their esteemed newspapers? Or is it because they thought the Tamils deserved such treatment? Or is it because they think its a necessary 'action' to curb terrorism and preserve national security and 'some people' unfortunately will have to continue to be treated in this manner for the 'greater' good or rather the welfare of the majority?


Anonymous said...

ya your question is true...
But that is their 'media freedom' whether publishing a news or not...
leave them.

other fantasy is Fernando pulle asked the MPs who r talking against these arrests to distinguish innocent public from LTTE as LTTE involve in actions like innocent people. If they can do so Gvt will be releasing them in an hour...! nothing to talk with them. and arguments are unwanted... because they know they r wrong. but they wonnt stop. curse of tamils..!

MaXXa said...

Hey anon! Please understand that the Government knows that the ethnic issues cannot be solved without winning the hearts of the Tamil community. SO if the Government has sisth sense to identify terrorists from innocent Tamils, them will of course do it without causing annoyance to innocent Tamil. But as we all know, the government doesn't possess such a super power. So GoSL does any government in the world would most probably do, that is to arrest the people who cannot prove their identity for the protection of greater including Tamil and Sinhalese...

Anonymous said...

Hey maxxa....,
although your comment is giving sorrow, it is not surprising as you are representating the opinion of greater percentage majority people.
but the relief is you are accepting one thing that the GoSL make causing annoyance to innocent tamil.
But you are missing to think on a humanitarian way.
according to ur arguments, the lessor amount of people can be bothered and their rights can be overruled( * By their own government whom they believe!;- like the gvt says) to protect the greator part of people.
this is unacceptabble. and the 100% of the innocent public who are affected by this Defense action (like u say) is tamils.

Proving the identity...?

You are believing what the gvt say and u r saying what they say..
Just do a light field work, if u can.., and think urself. u will find the reality.
waht is identity and what kind of identity they want?
Most of the people who are arrested have the NICs like sinhalese and also they have registered in nearby police station(most of them). Even though the r arrested and caused annoyance.
without doing atleast a single creminal or illegal work they have been kept locked in jail with all kind of severe criminals.
If u know a bit about Fundamental rights u will change ur idea atleast a bit. PEOPLE ARE NOT FOR THE GVT BUT THE GVT IS FOR EVERY CITIZEN IN THE COUNTRY.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother citizen Maxxa...!
They are asking tamils to show the strong reason to stay in col.
If the col is a part of Slka, If u or Gvt agree the tamils are the citizens of SL, they have the right to live anywhere in the country like other people. they dont want show reasons. But the reality is most of them have reasons.
u say, If the Gvt is unable to distinguish the innocent people from LTTE, they can arrest the innocent people...??
fantastic law,
Nowadays LTTE(?) is involving in those kind of attacks like disables, Pregnant women etc..
So all the disables and Pregnant women in colombo will be arrested?

Reggie said...

Take a look at this video of a Tamil Hindu bitch blowing herself up:

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka -- In chilling security camera footage, a female Tamil suicide bomber on a mission to kill a Sri Lankan cabinet minister is seen patiently answering questions in a bustling government office before calmly standing up and detonating the bomb hidden in her bra.

The video, released by police Friday, gave a rare look at a suicide bomber's last moments and the immediate aftermath of a devastating attack.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Bro Maxxa,
Hope u will do HRL next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!