Saturday, November 15, 2008

Co-Artists of the President rally for more war

Sri Lankan, (sorry i would rather call them) Sinhala artists held a demonstration on Thursday to show what the Daily Mirror decided to call their 'disapproval' of the take of the Tamil Nadu Cinema 'Kollywood' artists regarding the persuction of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Here are some hilarious comments from some of our artists

Malini Fonseka- “I wish they will visit Sri Lanka and see the truth for themselves; that Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims all live together in tolerant and peaceful communities.”- Oh really??!! Which country is this Malini? Sri Lanka?

Geetha Kumarasinghe-"All Sri Lankans, regardless of race or religion, will stand as one united force, against inequality, and support our troops" - Whose troops Geetha? We know that you want to destory the Tigers only. We are prepared to take the burden that we will have to be inconvenienced in this pursuit. Get displaced; homes razed to the ground and even get killed. Thats ok. These are our troops. We will welcome them with open hands when they come to liberate us. Brilliant.

Perfect state of denial.

I have had the chance to listen to some of the speeches made at the different rallies that Tamil Nadu Cinema personalities have had so far. I do concede that they have enagaged in a bit of exaggeration here and there. But there were saner voices like that of Director Cheran's speech at the Rameswaram rally. But none of their statements or speeches were as widely sweeping in effect as some of the statements quoted above from our lovely artists from Sri Lanka. Of course the lovely president himself was their former colleague.

Groundviews has an article on the same subject here.


MaXXa said...

Perhaps you may have selected only the extreme artist speeches and left out the moderate speeches. Exaggeration and extremism occurs everywhere as you have pointed out in Tamil Nadu artist speeches. Hence it's wholly unreasonable to justify something on the basis of extreme opinions when there are other moderate opinions do exist..

Aachcharya said...

Machan let me know if you have heard/or seen a report of a speech that criticizes the present war. Do email me. Or for that matter one artist who has been critical of anything to do with MR. I will be overjoyed to read or listen to anything to that effect.

nethdeco said...

hey dude ;

I Feel really sorry for your stage. You have the only concern towards the civilians in Wanni. True they are dispatched. And they should be revealed. But brother do you really believe a ceasefire would cease the tigers. Dont think so. Why don't you ask your tiger dudes to let the Tamils cross over to the government controlled areas.

I have witnessed your show at the British council and believe me brother you will have a very different response elsewhere. Some times air conditioned auditoriums and 50% foreign audience wont let you hear the cries of people.