Friday, January 09, 2009

The connection between the celebration and the mourning

Lankadissent run under the auspicies of the Sri Lanka Freedom party (Mahajana Wing) - Mangala Samaraweera's party - and edited by Senior Journalist Kusal Perera (good friend of murdered Journalist Dharmaratnem Sivaram-'Taraki') has decided to call it a day after Lasantha's killing.

They have issued a statement in this regard. Hats off to Kusal Perera for this part of the statement

"Many who thought they as the media have a right to freedom of expression, they have a right to information, that the people also have the same right and that it is a fundamental right in a modern civilised society, have been told very bluntly and at times most brutally, that it isn't so in this land of the compassionate, democratic republic, run by a "patriotic" regime.

The Tamil media in the North were the first to have been told this bluntly and ruthlessly while the Colombo media did not want those dissenting voices in the North, heard elsewhere. They had to learn that lesson, first hand."

My friend Dinidu has got it spot on:

"If you tell me that four guys on four unmarked bikes, wearing all black, can kill a man in broad daylight and vanish, or twenty people can come to an office, blow it up, and then disappear without anybody knowing, yet I can’t stand on the road for my bus for longer than five minutes without one of your uniform clad brainwashed cronies coming and asking me who I am, what I’m doing there, and when I plan on buggering off, then there is something seriously wrong in what you say."

This capturing of land business if it is done in the name of providing humanitarian relief to the Tamil people why would you celebrate that? Why celebrate as if though you have annexed land to your territory or as if though you have conquered the Tamil people? The celebration has a direct link to providing courage to those parties who now think they can do anything they want. I was so dismayed with the fire crackers yesterday. Would it not have been right for the President if we has so much of feeling for the death of Lasantha to say lets not 'celebrate' this time, unless of course he saw that the incident on the 8th is also a reason for celebration.


Anonymous said...

Capturing of the lands is indeed a good reason to celebrate since it provides the SL Government with the comfortability and capability of serving its Tamil people living in those areas. Getting the lands back from the Barbaric LTTEs is undoubtedly a great achievement. In any part of the world you can notice that people get displaced and get caught when you fight terrorism, which is unavoidable.. But, making it a reason if you stop assaulting the terrorists, when will this country eradicate terrorism??

So, celebrations of the capturing of land after Lasanta's death was merely to celebrate the above mentioned reason, not Lasantha'a death..

Hiran said...

Acharya seems creepy! Beware man, remind yourself that LTTE has been banned in this country for the third time!

Anonymous said...

Since when is celebrating the death of not just SL soldiers but also the lives of innocent civilians and the lives of the LTTE cadres(regardless of their status as terrorists - they are also human beings) a cause to celebrate? are we so detached from our spirituality as a country that we celebrate death? this reminds me of the time when people celebrated Premadasa's death - it doesn't say much about us as a people..

deco said...

What a pity that you are sited form dinidu