Saturday, May 02, 2009

'Aid'ing and Abetting

There are whole load of spontaneous citizen initiatives that have propped up to respond to the IDP needs in the camps in Vavuniya.

Now i must at the outset say that such initiatives are good and probably needed but all i am saying is lets not forget the larger issues that need to be addressed and the politics of aid. It is acknowledged that those involved might be doing it without being aware of the politics and/or not caring is there is politics behind it. It is also not the intention of this blogger to ask for a halt in the aid effort. I would be a demon if i do suggest that. My intention is purely to raise some questions so that our response can be better.

One of our prominent bloggers who is involved heavily in the aid effort thinks that killing 50,000 people to get rid of the LTTE is ok. (See earlier post on this blog). Now thats not an indictment on all those involved. But i cant help thinking that this is a further indication that humanitarian concerns cant be divorced from politics and if the politics of these people are not good then there is no point.

Why do i say there is no point? The value of citizen initiatives is that they are symbolic. They provide for an opportunity for people to people connection and confidence building. Their usefulness as actually providing relief to people is secondary. Why, because the big humanitarian agencies are doing their best and the citizen initaitives will never be able to match their capacity. Of course these initiatives can help bridge the gaps and loop holes. But that also i am doubtful because these initaitives do not have the access to information etc to do this. Now, this people to people connection is that happening? Are people meeting these IDPs and are they able to talk to them? I dont think so.

The worse part of all of this is for example the JHU types who are going on padhayatras to collect rations. Add the state media initaitives to this. Their intention is to support the claim made by the government that 'these are our people. we know our responsibility to protect. these are our bretheren'. Now thats bull shit. I wont be able to believe anyone who says that the govt cares for the tamil people. Of course there might be individual army personnel who show care for the IDPs (the inherent huamneness) but thats no reflection of what the govt's attitude is. They are bombing the NFZs, hospitals etc. So these JHU and state media types are out there collecting rations as part of a govt image building exercise. I say dont support them.

Now to the question of what can we do at this moment - my appeal to all those genuine aid collectors and people concenred for IDPs. The problem in the camps seems administration and distribution of relief. Suresh Premachandran MP (TNA) in an interview with BBC Tamil Service says that the GA Trinco (an army fellow) and the military establishment are the ones involved in running the camps. The Tamil GAs of Killi and Mullaitivu are sidelined. 20 people have died since coming to the camps. Two children died of stampede during a dry ration distribution. Now these are the concerns that people worried about IDPs should raise. Sunday Times reports that Walter Kalin the UN Special Representative for Human Rights for the IDPs has given the Govt certian conditions that they need to adhere to for UN support for the camps run by the Govt. Back in October 2008 the UNHCR issued an aide memoire stipulating the basic minimums that need to be satisfied for their engagement in running the camps. Most important of these is freedom of movement. These camps are internment camps. We should urge that these will be lifted. Issues relating to space (because the govt doesnt want to open more camps), visit by relatives etc all of these are issues that we need to raise.

One further question that everyone has been meek on is as to whether the money that the Govt is getting specifically for spending for IDPs being properly used for the purpose? There is very little information available regarding this.

Unfortunately for this sort of activism there is very little interest. And the govt is happy that we collect the anchor packets. They will be worried if we talk about the other humanitarian issues.

By not raising these issues arent we guilty of abetting with the Govt? One of my friends involved in the effort said if we riase these issues then we wont be given an opportunity to help out in the aid effort. This prominent blogger has been talking about 'cooperating'with the govt and the military establishment to get this done. But i ask the question then whats the point? I dont think we can keep these issues for later.

A small note on our experiences during the Tsunami. Even during the Tsunami we saw this out pouring of humaneness: Helping out irrespective of who has been affected. A lot of commentators wrote that this humaneness should be used as the base that opens the window of opportunity for conflict resolution. That was not to be. PTOMs was crash landed by our CJ and the JVP. The Ache example didn't work here. The social capital that one was able to generate during the Tsunami could not be transformed into productive political capital.The people of this country elected MR. And we keep voting for him at all elections. We have allowed the war on terror to be a war on the minorities. So what is the use of this bubble humaneness?

Oh then once somebody told me dont be such a cynic. When we help atleast we help one child get a cup of milk or some buscuits. Isnt that a good enough reason. Of course it is (though you might be duplicating). Lets not get satisfied with that. How do we make sure that that child will never ever have to be in a position where he or she will have to rely on our aid?

I do not want to be mistaken for having a generalised suspicion on the genuiness of people involved in the aid effort. I am only asking for introspection and care for detail.

PS: I stand corrected by a friend who is very involved in monitoring IDP related humanitarian issues and HR stuff in general that the relevance of the citizens initiative in the immediate phase of the relief (especially after the arrival of more thank a lakh people on April 20) has been crucial and life saving (in the light of aid agencies and the govt not being able to cope with the immediacy of the situation. They were under prepared). I reiterate however my call on the need for wider activism.


Deane said...

Rather immature i thought, before I read the "stand corrected" part. Surely, you should have recognized this before.

You and the larger Tamil Nationalist project seems to be in deep crisis and a sense of insecurity that you have a knee-jerk repulsion to anything that makes the lives of people displaced better fearing that any progress in their lives would weaken the case for the greater Tamil nationalist aspirations.

Aachcharya said...

How is this 'a sense of insecurity' relating to Tamil nationalism Deane? The point about who is running the camps is very much related to efficiency. I am asking people to raise voices about what is unacceptable in the camps.

Yes the aid being raised is important but why do it with political jingoism. Dont tell me that what the Bhikkus and the state media is doing has no politics in it. And the here we are raising as Sri Lankans bull shit.

About the 'stand correction' part, i acknowledge over looking the fact that these initiatives have made a difference in the 'relief' sense in the immediate phase. Do you disagree with what has been said otherwise. If yes tell me how, without telling me about my insecurities and my crisis. The crisis seems to be to look at a tamils writing always from a tamil nationalistic point of view and to understand it from that framework. That is prejudice my dear. And quite unfortunate. Yours is the knee jerk response.

Aachcharya said...

and wtf.. i fear "anything that makes the lives of people displaced better fearing that any progress in their lives would weaken the case for the greater Tamil nationalist aspirations". Wtf i dont put politics over people. Did i ever say in the post that aid should stop? What bloody makes you think that i want those people to suffer for what you think my politics to succeed. disgusting stuff. unbelievable.

Deane said...

The point is any relif at this point should be welcome even if done 'with political jingoism'.

I stand by what I said. I don't think it's an explicit thing and you do it with an evil motive, but it's an implicit thing that comes out in your writing and thinking.

It's basically a placement of larger goals over and above the immediate relif and practical improvement of lives of the people on the immediate.

I can't refer to specific example without referring to personal conversations, let's take this off-blog.

Anonymous said...

Some places like Gaza have been razed to the ground many times and then you have generous donors from oil rich nations happy to help rebuild whole suburbs repeatedly even though they remain non-committal to helping find a long term political solution that would ensure the well being of the various communities that are fractured and brutalised repeatedly.

Same goes with "Peace Centres". For example the Peres Peace Centre which is divorced from the ground realities of those who are desperately in need of practical implementations that would provide them with long lasting peace.

This does not mean that such activities should be halted till the politics etc. is sorted out. One should however always keep in mind that the most effective aid looks after both the critical short term needs and long term needs of a community.

Nationalism is a collective identity that may not be based purely on territory. It may also be based on a collective desire for equity or even just the right to live and imagine a future rather than just surviving from one meal to the next.

Anonymous said...

*Peres Centre for Peace:

Anonymous said...

"While the Peres Centre arranges for the treatment of injured Gaza children in Israeli hospitals, Peres publicly defends the military attacks that put them there."

Anonymous said...

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